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1. What is Yes-butŪ?

Yes-but® is a practical philosophy that uses `flipthinking` to transform problems into opportunities. Berthold Gunster has thus far written five books about this theory. The first of these books "Yes-but, what if it all works out?" has been translated into English and German.

2. What exactly is the core of this philosophy?

Briefly put: Yes-but thinking is reasoning from a world of problems and constraints in order to solve problems. If we are not careful we might be bouncing back and forth between problem and solution. Yes-and thinking starts with facts. Things the way they are. Starting from these facts we can try and create new possibilities.

3. What does Yes-butŪ have to offer?

 Yes-but® offers shows, workshops and trainings: a mix of theatre, lecture and audience interaction. Yes-but® also offers a variety of products and books on its dutch website.


4. Is this a theatre programme?

Yes-but® works exclusively in-company. Yes-but® can of course perform its programme in a theatre but it is no problem performing it on company grounds. Yes-but® has all the equipment needed for a performance. Decor, sound and the like. The only thing that a client would have to provide is a location and seating and a stage for larger groups.

5. What is the effect?

Despite the short duration of a Yes-but® programme the experience has an enormous impact on its audience. Its content is crystal clear, groundbreaking and inescapable. Hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of organisations have followed Yes-but® programme, positively effecting their company culture: `Yes-but® will never sound the same.

6. How many people can simultaneously participate in a programme?

A Yes-but programme can be performed for groups from 15 to 2500 participants.

7. What will people take away from a Yes-butŪ programme?

Firstly, people will be given an entertaining experience. The brain - the grey cells - will be put in motion. People will have fun and a collaborative "us-experience": how to think different. People will notice that in fact it is very easy to think in terms of possibilities instead of constraints. They will then put that into practice, each in their own way. Past Yes-but® participants have said to have remembered the show up to 5 years after having seen it.