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Yes-but® Programmes

Yes-but Show 75 minutes

Inspiring program about culture and communication. Sometimes it hurts to look in the mirror.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
(Jim Rohn)

Wherever we work and live, people experience problems. Things don’t go as expected. What’s our response? We say “Yes, but…”. Yes, but I can’t. Yes, but that’s not allowed. Yes, but how much will that cost?

And what happens then? Irritation, stagnation, decline. People who approach life in a yes-but way, think in terms of threats, difficulties and limitations. The glass is always half empty.
There is also another way of thinking: the ”Yes-and” posture. People who approach life in a yes-and way, think in terms of chances and opportunities. They not only see a glass of water, but also ask the question: “Where is the faucet?” This yes-and thinking we call “flipthinking”.

The Yes-but Show is a 75-minute interactive, inspiring and humorous program that inescapably illustrates the differences between these ways of thinking. It also irrefutably proves the benefits of flipthinking: innovation, creativity and inspiration. It’s the ultimate mix of theatre, comedy and lecture. It is, after nearly 15 years of having trained more than 500,000 participants in the Netherlands and beyond, the absolute number 1 in training-land.

The Yes-but Show can be used to start or accelerate a culture-changing process, as an interesting (and festive) way to end the work day as a standalone program for groups of 15 to 2500 people.

Number of participants:
15 to 2500 persons

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